Monday, September 24, 2012

Another Day on the Job

A mom and dad's job is never done. Especially a working mom and dad. You have to love those phone calls from your husband that goes something like this...You're not going to believe what mom is taking the kids home early from swim practice...apparently Cameron hit his head on the wall at the pool and has an abrasion on his nose and it hurts really bad...he can't wear his glasses because it hurts his nose when he wears them.
I get home from work and find out the real story. Cameron was swimming, obviously, and lost his fin. Apparently his goggles filled up with water while he was trying to put the fin back on his foot, only to not see how close he was to the wall and sure enough, he finds the wall with his face. And tomorrow is picture day at school. Maybe the glasses will cover up the abrasion on his face and we will get a good picture out of him.

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