Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Miss My Ricks College Buds!!!

It has been one of those days today that I just couldn't feel happy for any reason. Husband has to work late and I can't find the time to get even the simplest of tasks finished. I have little ones who are tugging on my apron strings (so to speak), a pile of dishes that never seems to end, laundry that can't fold itself, and a really rotten mood to boot. I have come to the realization that I miss all of my Ricks College buddies. A time that was the absolute best for me. Your best friends were down the hall, next door, or a stones throw away from your apartment window. Where time stood still for a short time. Where we had some wild and wonderful times. Now if only we could repeat that at this point in time. It's a wish that I hope someday will come true. Here's to wishing on a star. So all you Ricks College buds (and you know who you are) I hope you enjoy the pics. And p.s. why didn't someone tell me about my hideous eyebrows.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Flashback-Our Engagement

We bought new bedroom furniture a few weeks ago (a life saver) and were cleaning out all of our old furniture that we have had since we got married. As I was cleaning out one of our many junk drawers (you know, the drawer that has all the birthday, christmas, anniversary, and special occasion cards along with loose change safety pins, etc.) I came across our photos of when Paul had proposed to me.

It was nearly a year to the day at the summer fest concert we had attended that was our first outing together as a couple. So nearly one year later, Paul pulled some strings and got it worked out that he would propose to me on stage at the concert. I of course was completely oblivious to what was going on.

My dad was the entertainment writer at the time so I figured my mom had come to the concert to hang out with my dad. All our friends had come also, and again I figured it was just to hang out all day at the concert. We arrived at the concert and Paul made sure to get a place near the stage, which was weird because we usually like to be more toward the middle in order to get a good look at the entire stage. Paul kept telling me that when he asked I was to put on my flip flops and follow him, I of course agreed and followed him on stage. The staff from B93.1 kept me occupied while Paul was being prepped about the microphone and then the band that I was totally looking forward to seeing kept telling me they weren't ready to start and not to introduce them yet (this is what I thought the surprise was) and then I heard every girl at the concert gasp, I turned to see Paul on one knee asking me to marry him. So in front of 10,000 concert goers I was proposed to. I of course said yes and have now been married almost 8 years and have to beautiful kids to show for it.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Baby Girl

Unfortunately kids do grow up way to fast. And my baby girl is not so much of a baby anymore. With that said I could not help but post this most recent picture of my adorable little blondie, Madeline. She is a real spitfire and always keeps me on my toes. She is always one step ahead of her mommy. I am definitely not looking forward to the teenage years.

Cameron's Soccer Game

I was finally able to get some pics of my little man playing some soccer on Saturday. Unfortunately, Paul kept telling me that Cameron was not playing like his normal self. He was more than a little out of it. He had woken up saying his tummy hurt, but this happens on almost a daily basis, until he eats breakfast and then he is fine. Later in the afternoon, while at our nephews birthday party, Cameron was indeed running a fever, which would explain his very odd behavior on the soccer field. I am hoping for a better performance next week in order to get some good pics of Cameron playing, Paul says he is a real natural at soccer, I wouldn't know anything about that. I am still dealing with the fever as I write this. I hate when my kids are sick. I always feel so helpless because I can't make it all better.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Another Exhausting Weekend

Here is how the weekend played out for the family. I was out the door before 8am in order to make it to Fresno, by 10am with Madeline. Paul was out the door by 10:30 with Cameron for soccer pictures. (Baseball season ends and no break for us, we go strait into soccer). At 2pm Cameron has his first soccer game (104 degrees outside) which I did not get to see any of or take any pictures. Those will come next week. I did however take pictures of Madeline telling the flock of geese, at the park where the baby shower was, who was boss. That kid has no fear. Thank goodness the geese decided not to take any pecks at her. After Cameron's soccer game, Paul and Cameron headed to SF to go and see the Giants take on the Pirates. I got home around 8pm and father and son got home around 10:30pm. Fun stuff for us. Gearing up for next weekend with soccer game and another party at a park.