Sunday, September 07, 2008

Another Exhausting Weekend

Here is how the weekend played out for the family. I was out the door before 8am in order to make it to Fresno, by 10am with Madeline. Paul was out the door by 10:30 with Cameron for soccer pictures. (Baseball season ends and no break for us, we go strait into soccer). At 2pm Cameron has his first soccer game (104 degrees outside) which I did not get to see any of or take any pictures. Those will come next week. I did however take pictures of Madeline telling the flock of geese, at the park where the baby shower was, who was boss. That kid has no fear. Thank goodness the geese decided not to take any pecks at her. After Cameron's soccer game, Paul and Cameron headed to SF to go and see the Giants take on the Pirates. I got home around 8pm and father and son got home around 10:30pm. Fun stuff for us. Gearing up for next weekend with soccer game and another party at a park.


Laurabelle said...

Whoa, wait a second... Baby shower for ashley Dunn?! At WOODWARD PARK?! Oh man! I wish I had known! I would have met up with you guys!I'm there all the time!!! Was Laura there?! I can't tell by the family photo if that was at the park here in Fresno or someplace else. I miss that girl so much. Tell her I said hi!

Matheson said...

You have been busy! Can I tell you I love your daughter's hair :) I wish mine were little blondes. So cute! I can't believe you have a kid in kindergarten. I dread that day.