Sunday, July 10, 2011

Let Sleeping Children Lie

There is nothing better than catching your kids sleeping and snapping a quick photo. I have always loved catching my kids sleeping and getting a quick photo op. Not a care in the world, not a worry running through their little minds. They get to just be kids and enjoy it. And I enjoy them too.
These photos were caught directly following the kids swim meet on Saturday. 5 am is an early wake up call for these kids and it showed by the end. At least they didn't have to be up by 4 am to make sure the car was loaded and a breakfast for my champions was hot and ready. The sacrifices I make for these two. They deserve it.

Madeline is the one with the pink cap bobbing up and down. She's only four and one of two four year olds competing on our swim team.

Cameron has become one very good swimmer this year. I hope he sticks with it, cause this mom thinks he is going to be great.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Workin' Mom

I never imagined that my time would be so precious until I became a mom that worked outside the home. I am not a Monday - Friday working mom, but am still out of the house 3 days a week and sometimes more depending on vacations and illnesses. I am grateful to have an office that is so supportive of me trying to raise my family, but also provide for them in monetary means as well. California is not the easiest place to raise a family with one income, a huge reason I work outside the home.

I would love to be the mom whose house is always spotless. Mine hardly ever is. I would love to be the mom who can go to every school trip or function. Again that isn't always the case. I would love to be the mom who is Wonder Woman, but I am not always that either. Instead I am the mom, who fixes boo boo's when she can, cuddles on the couch and watches a movie with her kids, or heads out into the swimming pool for some fun in the water. The cleaning is always last on my list at this point in time. I would much rather see my kids smile and know that I would much rather spend what little time I have at the end of the day with them instead of worrying about what my kitchen and bathroom look like.

Today instead of standing in front of the kitchen sink after work, doing dishes or folding the laundry I sat on the couch with my Bama (aka Madeline) and watched a movie and swam with my kids in pool.

I am not a mother of the year candidate, but I at least am making memories with my children. That accounts for something.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

He's the Best

He just is.

The Fourth Fun

Another 4th of July is in the history books.
Spent the day at my parents this year. Had the annual BBQ of hot dogs and hamburgers. The best food for the 4th. Had most of the family there with us. Paul had to work, no surprise there. I know how much he hates missing out on the memories, so I always take lots of pictures. There weren't any huge catastrophes other than the fact that it was very hot. Cameron was stung by a yellow jacket, Madeline and some of the girls were caught with their hands in the homemade ice cream can. Madeline didn't have her hand in the can, but she was watching the others take handfuls and lick it up off of their hands. There were tears shed by more than one. There were some sparkler mishaps (ie. kids who may have slight burns on arms or feet when they wake in the morning). More tears shed. And then it was all over. Everyone is home. And children are sound asleep from a long and hot day enjoying our Independence Day.
Happy 4th of July to all of you.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

My Little Fish

I have two kids who I think should have been fish. I cannot keep them out of the water and they are starting to swim faster than me. Water tag is becoming very difficult for me to win. I can't even swim to the bottom of the pool to get away from them. I can't believe how fast they have taken to the water and how much better they have gotten in just the shortest amount of time. I think the pool and swim team are going to be staples in our lives for a very long time.

Then He Was 8

Cameron recently had his 8th birthday on June 11th. He opted to have a grand old bash instead of going to his swim meet. In this instance we were too disappointed by his decision. From what we found out from other parents on the team it was a very long meet.
Cameron is our sensitive boy. He hates to jump into the cold water at swim practice. He cries over the littlest of dilemmas. He even cries if he loses a game on the computer or it freezes up on him. Every little bump turns into a cry fest. But, he is so in tune with what is going on with others. He hardly every raises his voice at another and is quick to point out if someone is getting the short end of the stick (usually himself).

He is growing up into such a wonderful kid and soon to be young man. There was never a doubt in his mind on whether he was going to be baptized. He was ready. I have never seen a kid more ready for what the future holds for him. He is smart and witty and has a way about him. He doesn't run out and look for friends he waits for them to gather around him. He is the sweetest little guy I know and has girls swooning about. I think it has something to do with his dimples.
My little guy tests me at times, but I think that is the Lord's way of making me more patient. And we know I am far from being patient.

Our family would not be complete without this guy in our life. He makes each day better. He tries so hard to be perfect and in my eyes he is.