Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Fourth Fun

Another 4th of July is in the history books.
Spent the day at my parents this year. Had the annual BBQ of hot dogs and hamburgers. The best food for the 4th. Had most of the family there with us. Paul had to work, no surprise there. I know how much he hates missing out on the memories, so I always take lots of pictures. There weren't any huge catastrophes other than the fact that it was very hot. Cameron was stung by a yellow jacket, Madeline and some of the girls were caught with their hands in the homemade ice cream can. Madeline didn't have her hand in the can, but she was watching the others take handfuls and lick it up off of their hands. There were tears shed by more than one. There were some sparkler mishaps (ie. kids who may have slight burns on arms or feet when they wake in the morning). More tears shed. And then it was all over. Everyone is home. And children are sound asleep from a long and hot day enjoying our Independence Day.
Happy 4th of July to all of you.

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