Thursday, June 18, 2009

And Then He Turned Six

My little man Cameron has finally had his sixth birthday. What a great birthday it was. On June 11th, which is his actual birthday, our small little family headed out to Chuck E Cheese's for some pizza and fun. On the 13th we got the huge family together for a very large and very nice birthday party. I think he really had a lot of fun. Some of his faces as he was opening presents are priceless.

What would I do without that little man. He really is a joy to have around, even if his meltdowns and whining get on the annoying side sometimes. He is one of the most sensitive little boys I know. He really does wear his heart on his sleeve. All the old ladies at church are always commenting on his deep little dimples and how he is the luckiest boy to have them. I am not so sure about that. When he is older, I am not wanting some teenage girl to catch wind that he has dimples, as adorable as they are when they pop during a picture. He loves his little sister and I don't think there is anything he wouldn't do for that girl...(Madeline takes advantage of that right now... and it will only get worse as she gets older). He doesn't like yelling, so there is definitely not a lot of that in our house. He is my calm next to the storm named Madeline. He is responsible when asked and does his best to get out of any kind of cleaning (he is going to be that guy that you can't get to do anything I am afraid). He was my whole world when it was just him and I most days as dad ran off to work, and it may end up being his downfall. He is loved by his mom and dad and sister and we really would be lost without that little boy of ours. He really can put a smile on anyones face.

Mommy's Little Helper

On a recent trip to the grocery store for a few items for dinner, Madeline insisted she had to come along. She loves going to the store with me. I figure the more I take the kids out on my errands the better behaved they will get in the long run. It is challenging sometimes, but worth it to me.

Madeline wanted to get a cart to push around, but it was only a few items so I didn't see the point. Instead I handed her a basket and let her carry it around the store. And when it got to heavy, she pushed it.

Fun @ The Park

I have been doing my best to get the kids out of the house so they don't go stir crazy...or maybe that is just for me. Anyway here is our trip to the local park that has a really great fountain for the kids to run through and get wet on a hot summer day.

Kindergarten Graduation

I know that most kids have been out of school for two weeks now, and so has mine. It has just been really difficult for me to get my blog updated. We really did do a lot in the last four weeks. Without further ado, my little man's graduation ceremony, awards assembly, and last day of school. I am really going to miss Cameron's teacher, Mrs. Uva. She really was a life saver for me. She handled his little meltdowns woderfully and did her best to make him a better student. Cameron is going to miss his little friend Darla. She will be going to a different school next year. The two of them were so adorable together.

What do you do?

What do you do when your 2 1/2 year old gets a hold of your mascara and tries to put on makeup... take a picture of course. I got a very good laugh when she walked in and said "I pretty". Of course you are.

Just A Little More Time

The day after my sister Cara's wedding a few of us headed up to Carmichael to spend some extra time with my great grandma while she was in town. While we were there we headed out to the river (which is only about an 8 block walk from the house) for a game of pooh sticks. This is a picture of the first stick that Cameron grabbed for pooh sticks... it is more of a log than a stick. Cameron and mom got to spend some one on one time while Madeline took a little nap at grandma's house. It was fun wading in the river and catching minnows for the kids to see.And of course the dropping of the pooh sticks (Cameron's second stick... he took it from his aunt). Had he kept his log he would have come in second place and not second to last.Alas, it was time to head back to grandma's house and I took one last shot of Cameron crossing the bridge with his head down and the river in the background. I really do love this picture a lot. One of the few that I will always look at.

Father and Son @ the Ballpark

Paul has made it a father and son tradition to head off to AT&T Ballpark for a fun trip to watch the Giants. He and Cameron got to go to a game last year and Paul had such a great time with Cameron that he has decided to do it every year... so on Memorial Day they headed out to the 2nd annual father son ball game in San Francisco. Cameron slept through most of the game but there were some great pics before he zonked out.

Friday, June 05, 2009

My Sister's Wedding

This is just a sampling of all the many pictures that I took at my sister Cara's wedding and reception. It was so nice to be able to be a small part of their day.
5 generations @ the Reception
Our little Family
My Cameron Man
My little Madeline
My parents grandchildren
The Oakland Temple
My sister Cara and her new husband Matt outside the Oakland Temple.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

There's A Monster In The Bathroom!!!!

Had to share the picture of the monstrously large spider I found crawling up the kids bathroom wall. It was larger than a quarter. Needless to say I am the one who had to do away with the monster in the bathroom.

School Carnival

Wilson Elementary School put on their school carnival and of course we went to support our school. Cameron got an award for being a good citizen and shook the mayor's hand for his award.

Fire Department Visit

The fire dept. made a visit to Cameron's kindergarten class and let each of the kids have a turn with the hose here is Madeline and Cameron during their turn.

Bowling Party

A few weeks ago we took the kids bowling. Cameron has been many times before and gets better and better each time he goes. This was the first time we ever let Madeline bowl. She had a lot of fun and fell a few times. Of course I didn't have the camera ready for any of those pics, but here are a few of our pictures.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Updates coming!!!!

I know that it has been over a month since my last post, but it has been one crazy month. I will be updating soon so don't feel frantic that I have forgotten about our blog. Who knew that the end of the school year could be so crazy.