Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just A Little More Time

The day after my sister Cara's wedding a few of us headed up to Carmichael to spend some extra time with my great grandma while she was in town. While we were there we headed out to the river (which is only about an 8 block walk from the house) for a game of pooh sticks. This is a picture of the first stick that Cameron grabbed for pooh sticks... it is more of a log than a stick. Cameron and mom got to spend some one on one time while Madeline took a little nap at grandma's house. It was fun wading in the river and catching minnows for the kids to see.And of course the dropping of the pooh sticks (Cameron's second stick... he took it from his aunt). Had he kept his log he would have come in second place and not second to last.Alas, it was time to head back to grandma's house and I took one last shot of Cameron crossing the bridge with his head down and the river in the background. I really do love this picture a lot. One of the few that I will always look at.

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