Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blessings Abound

Our family is abundant with blessings. After a very long process of trying to sell our home, prayers, trips to the temple, and diligence paying tithing, our home will officially be in the hands of a new owner in 45 days (barring any last minute issues). And we will be in the most perfect home when that time comes. Patience paid off this time around and I don't always like to be patient. If only it didn't happen to be a rental. If the owners do, in fact, plan on ever selling this home, our family would love to purchase it. I can hardly wait to post pictures. The backyard is huge, with the most wonderful built in pool, plenty of room for the kids to run away from the pool, and even more room for me to take on gardening. A plot of land for a garden, oh the joy. A kitchen that i will be so happy to cook in and have the kids help me cook. Plenty of space to store so many of our items that need storing. Hallelujah's are in order and everyone is welcome in our new home. Lots of fun to be had at our new home. Can't wait to move.

On the diet front...we are still going strong. My body hurts from all the old muscles that haven't been used since college, but I will overcome the pain and keep on at it. No more baby fat for me.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

And It Just Keeps Going

Today is day 6 of our diet/workout. I am very impressed that we have lasted 6 days. A feat I did not think that we could make. I figured we would get tired of it and go back to our old ways. We are being very good and diligent with our food diary's and workout schedule. As I am typing this post Paul is off playing basketball (a really good way for him to burn some calories and something he enjoys more than running). Friday is our weigh in day. Hoping for a small result from all of my hard work this week.

I have had a busy day. Covered a half day shift at work while a co-worker had to attend to her civic duty for jury duty. Did a quick clean up job at home and had the missionaries over for dinner. Paul made some killer marinade for our chicken tonight and grilled it up on the BBQ. So yummy and so healthy for us. I had a meeting at church after dinner and came home to do my cardio workout afterward. I was so ready to barf...and my legs feel like jelly. Just part of the hard work to get my pre-kids body back, and so worth it if I can be happy in a bathing suit this year.

Life is moving right along. The house should be sold by (hopefully) the end of March so we can get into another house that is a bit bigger with a better kitchen. We are working hard to get ourselves out of debt, which would make life so much easier for us. Just the essentials for awhile, but I can live with that. Living within our means...that's our motto, and keep working.

...Coming soon will be the pictures from our holidays. That is if I can find the wire to connect the camera to the computer to download my pictures.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Pics (We took a lot)

From the start in San Francisco to the sunshine in Coos Bay when we left, our trip wasn't exactly as planned, but it was wonderful and we made the best out of it. We has a beautiful drive along the coast of CA. A most wonderful drive through Redwood National Park, that made me so thankful for the beauty that our Heavenly Father has bestowed upon this earth. And you will notice what a foggy day looks like in Coos Bay compared to the sunny days, both equally beautiful. We got to end our trip with the ocean touching the sky and not finding the division between the two. A trip for anyone to add to their bucket list.

The Anniversary Trip???

This was supposed to be the trip of all trips.

We left on Monday, Nov. 29th after dropping Madeline off with Paul's parents and Cameron off at school. We headed to Coos Bay, OR, by way of HWY 1 and 101 which travels along the northern coast of California. If you ever have a chance to take this drive, you have to do it. It is the most beautiful drive, a very long drive, but so worth it.

Upon entering the Eureka area (very northern CA) we received a phone call from the owner of the cabin that we had rented in Coos Bay. Quaint little cabin right on the bluff, overlooking the ocean on clear days. The owners previous caretaker, who had been fired a year previously had decided to show up on the property while the cleaning lady was there prepping the cabin for us. In the process he decided to chase her around the property with an axe. She in turn, called 911 promptly, the sheriffs dept. showed up, proceeded to try to arrest him, only to have to taser him twice, which did not stop him. They do finally arrest him, only to have the DA release him until his arraignment. Here is the hitch in our trip. We now have nowhere to stay in Coos Bay and are over half way there. I, for one, was not going to take my chances staying in a cabin where, at any moment someone with an axe could be standing over me in my sleep. I know this story sounds so far fetched, but anything is possible. Especially when you are married to someone in law enforcement.

We decided to still head up to Coos Bay and search out for another place to stay. We ended up at the Mill Hotel and Casino, which was a very nice hotel. They took pity on us and gave us a really great rate.

We did a lot of sight seeing. The Oregon Coast is beautiful, cold this time of year, but beautiful. We went and drove along the sand dunes in a buggy, which I think Paul enjoyed more than me (he was driving and did a very good job of making me fear for my life). I wish I could have gotten pictures, but it was so wet and I did not want to ruin my new camera. We did some shopping. Ate at the most wonderful Italian place ever. Got some souvenirs for the kids. And spent some very much needed time away together, without having to worry about work and all the jobs of being parents. We did check in on our kids by the way, we aren't that terrible at being parents.

We did check on the cabin for the owners, and also to see if we would come back with the kids sometime. We might just do that, but only if the crazy loon of a caretaker is in jail.

On a side note, I now know how big of a place I have to live in to be happy. The Coos Bay area made me feel claustrophobic. I have to live in a place with at least 50,000 people, a very large mall and shopping centers (Wal-Mart does not count) within a 30 minute drive, and be close to the mountains for snow and beaches for fun in the sun, but not in CA. I have my work cut out for me.

Pictures to come.

Where Have I Been???

In answer to that question I have been here the whole time. I have been busier than all get all. I thought that life would slow down once the holidays passed, but that hasn't been the case.

There was our anniversary trip, that didn't pan out as planned (another post to come). Then my birthday, Christmas, New Years, back to work, back to school, and now I will be packing a house and moving into another house just a few miles away. This means some big changes for us, new school (in the fall), new ward (for those who don't understand, in the Mormon church our areas are designed into wards and our home determines which church building and ward we will go to), we will be heading to the Ceres building in the Turlock Stake, and some new memories. When we are able to get into the new house I will make sure to post pics.

I am hoping to keep up on the blogging front. I know that this is the only way that some of you get to see us and watch our kids grow. I'm not perfect, so it doesn't mean that I won't disappear for a while, only to pop back up on the radar.

I am hoping to make this more of a daily blog, especially since Paul and I are doing the diet/workout thing together. I mainly am looking to tone up some body parts that sag since having children and Paul is looking to drop a few pounds and inches around the middle. This is a win win for us, because we are so competitive we will keep each other going. This diet/workout thing is so much easier with a partner. I will keep all updated on how we are doing with our weight losses and toning.