Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lagging Big Time

I have been lagging big time on the blog lately. Realized I was so far behind when I was helping my sister-in-law get started with one for their family. There are a lot of post below, so sorry that your are going to have to catch up all at once. I am hoping to get on the ball and keep this updated at a more regular basis. I am going to have to or you will be watching a whole bunch of swimming videos all at once, once the swim season starts in a month.

The Mystery Spot and Santa Cruz, CA

The day after Valentines we decided to make a run for the coast considering that the kids were out of school for a week for their mid-winter break. We headed out to the mystery spot where there is a weird gravitational anomaly or something else going on there. Had so much fun with the kids, especially in the little cabin where the kids could not stand up strait. Headed to the boardwalk after for some yummy fish and chips and then off to the beach for Madeline's very first taste of walking barefoot on a beach and into the ocean. The water was freezing by the way, but it was so much fun to watch the sheer delight on her face.

The Christmas Church Outfits

It took a bit of time to finally get their pictures taken in front of the house like I always try to do, but I did get them. It was just a few weeks later after Christmas due to our trip to Disneyland and holidays and illness and family functions and etc.

My Cub Scout

Cameron's first pack meeting for cub scouts. I am sure he will hate this picture when he gets older, but the memories are great.

Visits with Grandpa Pat

The kids love to go see Grandpa Pat on the horse ranch. We got lucky right after Christmas for some great weather to go see Grandpa Pat, his dog Betty, and climb trees, see the horses and hang out by the river and skip rocks. Couldn't ask for better times.

Christmas Fun in the Sun

That's right. We had some fun in the sun. Santa surprised our family with a 4 day trip to Anaheim to enjoy Mickey Mouse and crew at Disneyland. He even made us go on a scavenger hunt to find all the clues that would lead us to the car with our bags all packed and ready to go. We had tons of fun and made lots of holiday memories. Planning another trip next year at a not so peak time of the year to make even more memories.

Best drummers I have ever heard.

She was such a trooper waiting in that long line to meet the princesses

They found the treasure
Thought this picture was a great one considering the guy who took it said it looked great and only took one photo of us by the front gate. It wasn't a great one, but it will have to do. Only one we had of the whole crew.