Saturday, May 05, 2012


I figured that while I am on hold for the advice nurse to tell me what to do for my sick little Madeline, I would update everyone on our adventures. There haven't been any. That's right we are boring, for now. The kids are busy with swim team practice. I am busy being mommy, employee, and swim team volunteer extrordinaire (don't know if I spelled that right, and spell checker doesn't know either). We had to get a new car, due to mine being totaled in a 6 car pile up on the freeway, and we didn't hit a single vehicle in the accident. Figure that one out. We are healing just fine, and thank goodness the kids didn't get hurt. This accident was a family affair. Scary moment, but we were all kept safe.
New Truck Got a truck instead of an exact replacement for my Pacifica, because Paul is going to start doing triathlons and we need the truck to haul all of his gear to his events. Makes hauling gear to all of the kids swim meets easier for me this year, because I will be without my better half for much of the season. Sacrifices. Blessings later. Had a fun time as a family at our local Stockton Thunder Hockey Game. The kids are finally getting to the age where they will actually sit and watch for a majority of the time, instead of needing to be up and running around. That makes me happy, because then I get to enjoy the game.
Our Cameron Man had to get glasses. He is the most adorable little guy with those things on. And he loves that he gets to wear glasses now. That poor kid had terrible vision. I think he loves them because he can actually see everything now. Now if he could only find his shoes in the morning before school. Easter came and went. The bunny visited and left some pretty cool toys and candy in the baskets and outside in the backyard. Almost as cool as Santa Claus.
The swim season has started. The weather is getting warmer. The family is doing well and are for the most part happy and healthy, which means I am a happy mom. Many more updates to follow as our kids grow up and we do many more fun things coming this summer.