Thursday, August 16, 2007

Barry Hits 756 & We got to be there

Here we are

The pitch that Barry sailed into the deepest part of AT&T Park. The amount of flashbulbs that went off with every pitch was amazing, but the Home Run was even better.
Barry Bonds in left field

Law Enforcement Day @ SF Giants Game

Can never get everyone to look at the camera at the same time. We had a lot of fun at the game.
Cute kid. Coundn't resist.
View from the PD section at the ballpark
Madeline's First major league baseball game. Go Giants!

Monterey/Laguna Seca Motorcycle Races

Paul and I at dinner.
Photo of the large amount of people and bikes that come into Monterey for the races every year.
This is the corkscrew. From the top of the corkscrew to the point that you reach the flat is a 5 story drop. A very technical corner for the riders, a lot of fun to watch them have to shift from one side of the bike to the other.
This is photo of the track at the start line
These are photos from the trip that Paul and I took at the end of July. Kind of annual ritual now to go to the Moto GP races at Laguan Seca. It was a lot of fun.