Wednesday, January 19, 2011

And It Just Keeps Going

Today is day 6 of our diet/workout. I am very impressed that we have lasted 6 days. A feat I did not think that we could make. I figured we would get tired of it and go back to our old ways. We are being very good and diligent with our food diary's and workout schedule. As I am typing this post Paul is off playing basketball (a really good way for him to burn some calories and something he enjoys more than running). Friday is our weigh in day. Hoping for a small result from all of my hard work this week.

I have had a busy day. Covered a half day shift at work while a co-worker had to attend to her civic duty for jury duty. Did a quick clean up job at home and had the missionaries over for dinner. Paul made some killer marinade for our chicken tonight and grilled it up on the BBQ. So yummy and so healthy for us. I had a meeting at church after dinner and came home to do my cardio workout afterward. I was so ready to barf...and my legs feel like jelly. Just part of the hard work to get my pre-kids body back, and so worth it if I can be happy in a bathing suit this year.

Life is moving right along. The house should be sold by (hopefully) the end of March so we can get into another house that is a bit bigger with a better kitchen. We are working hard to get ourselves out of debt, which would make life so much easier for us. Just the essentials for awhile, but I can live with that. Living within our means...that's our motto, and keep working.

...Coming soon will be the pictures from our holidays. That is if I can find the wire to connect the camera to the computer to download my pictures.

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