Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blessings Abound

Our family is abundant with blessings. After a very long process of trying to sell our home, prayers, trips to the temple, and diligence paying tithing, our home will officially be in the hands of a new owner in 45 days (barring any last minute issues). And we will be in the most perfect home when that time comes. Patience paid off this time around and I don't always like to be patient. If only it didn't happen to be a rental. If the owners do, in fact, plan on ever selling this home, our family would love to purchase it. I can hardly wait to post pictures. The backyard is huge, with the most wonderful built in pool, plenty of room for the kids to run away from the pool, and even more room for me to take on gardening. A plot of land for a garden, oh the joy. A kitchen that i will be so happy to cook in and have the kids help me cook. Plenty of space to store so many of our items that need storing. Hallelujah's are in order and everyone is welcome in our new home. Lots of fun to be had at our new home. Can't wait to move.

On the diet front...we are still going strong. My body hurts from all the old muscles that haven't been used since college, but I will overcome the pain and keep on at it. No more baby fat for me.


nincrab said...

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Samantha said...

Everything can be achieved easily when the family is holding together.
In my country, we have one quote:
Patiente rescued! :D