Tuesday, July 05, 2011

He's the Best

He just is.

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Salt Water said...

He can't be the best. My wife says I'm the best. I do like the water though. Congrats on second best and nice water.

Just joking of course. I found you guys by hitting the "Next Blog" link. I did not notice where you live, but I hope it is near the ocean as that makes for good living.

I see you are busy, so no worries, but if you know how to make those cookies that taste like chocolate but are little more than piles of shredded coconut, I would like to see you write about that. My wife cannot cook anymore. She is soon to be sending me cakes from heaven, so I will be cooking for Bosco and I down here until we join her.

Nice blog. I hope you don't mind this longish comment. I saw you had a lot of nice stuff posted with no comments showing, so I had to put my two cents in. My blog is new, because Bosco and I just got together. He's not a very good replacement for a fantastic wife, be he is a real good dog. Best Wishes.