Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Workin' Mom

I never imagined that my time would be so precious until I became a mom that worked outside the home. I am not a Monday - Friday working mom, but am still out of the house 3 days a week and sometimes more depending on vacations and illnesses. I am grateful to have an office that is so supportive of me trying to raise my family, but also provide for them in monetary means as well. California is not the easiest place to raise a family with one income, a huge reason I work outside the home.

I would love to be the mom whose house is always spotless. Mine hardly ever is. I would love to be the mom who can go to every school trip or function. Again that isn't always the case. I would love to be the mom who is Wonder Woman, but I am not always that either. Instead I am the mom, who fixes boo boo's when she can, cuddles on the couch and watches a movie with her kids, or heads out into the swimming pool for some fun in the water. The cleaning is always last on my list at this point in time. I would much rather see my kids smile and know that I would much rather spend what little time I have at the end of the day with them instead of worrying about what my kitchen and bathroom look like.

Today instead of standing in front of the kitchen sink after work, doing dishes or folding the laundry I sat on the couch with my Bama (aka Madeline) and watched a movie and swam with my kids in pool.

I am not a mother of the year candidate, but I at least am making memories with my children. That accounts for something.

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