Sunday, July 03, 2011

Then He Was 8

Cameron recently had his 8th birthday on June 11th. He opted to have a grand old bash instead of going to his swim meet. In this instance we were too disappointed by his decision. From what we found out from other parents on the team it was a very long meet.
Cameron is our sensitive boy. He hates to jump into the cold water at swim practice. He cries over the littlest of dilemmas. He even cries if he loses a game on the computer or it freezes up on him. Every little bump turns into a cry fest. But, he is so in tune with what is going on with others. He hardly every raises his voice at another and is quick to point out if someone is getting the short end of the stick (usually himself).

He is growing up into such a wonderful kid and soon to be young man. There was never a doubt in his mind on whether he was going to be baptized. He was ready. I have never seen a kid more ready for what the future holds for him. He is smart and witty and has a way about him. He doesn't run out and look for friends he waits for them to gather around him. He is the sweetest little guy I know and has girls swooning about. I think it has something to do with his dimples.
My little guy tests me at times, but I think that is the Lord's way of making me more patient. And we know I am far from being patient.

Our family would not be complete without this guy in our life. He makes each day better. He tries so hard to be perfect and in my eyes he is.

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