Sunday, August 31, 2008

School Begins For The Cameron Man!!!

I am now the official mom of a kindergartner. My little guy (only not so little anymore) started school on Aug. 25. I was so sure he was going to have a hard time, but in fact I was wrong. Both Paul and I were able to take off a little time in order to get Cameron to his class and make sure he was ok. We park the car, Cameron climbs out, runs to the front gate of the school and then runs for the playground, we waited for the bell, walked him into class and were off. Not a single tear shed by Cameron or mom and dad. Wasn't the case for some other little ones entering school. The first week was hard for him (had a few issues with crying) but I am sure it is just going to take some time adjusting to being at school 5 days a week instead of just the 2 he had for preschool.

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Adam Archibald Family said...

What a handsome young man you have!!! We're having the same issues (crying because we're overly tired from going to school for 5 days instead of 2) with Blake. I didn't think anything could wear that kid out. I stand corrected!