Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So I had to post this picture of Madeline. I am now referring to her as my "little fish'. I was getting the kids out of the bathtub, and had gotten Madeline completely dressed for bed when, of course, the phone rings. I of course answer the phone since it is the husband checking in on us from work. Not 5 minutes go by, when I don't hear Madeline and I find her in the bathtub diaper, pajamas, all of it. Thought you all might get a little chuckle from the pic. I am sure you have all gone through it before. I deal with it at least once a week. At least this time I have the picture to show everyone.


Laurabelle said...

LOL!!! Your kids are so beautiful!!! They look just like you!!!!

Matheson said...

Oh man! So funny!