Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rock Bottom Can Bring Out the Best

Sometimes it takes falling to rock bottom to realize it only brings out the best. It also makes you realize that all that really matters sometimes is the love of your family.
I had to have a little reminder of that today. The past few weeks have been difficult for me. Personal and money issues have made me a not so easy person to live with. Today I was reminded how much I am loved by those pictured above. No matter how crazy I get, no matter how ridiculous I get, no matter how hard I try to do it all without asking for help and fail, I am still loved by the most absolutely wonderful individuals. And every morning I get to start all over again, and watch them head out the door with smiles on their faces and a hug and a kiss good-bye to make rock bottom feel like the top of the world.
My goal for this week is to appreciate the love that is freely given to me and not squander it. I am truly blessed even with the trials that I currently have to face.

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