Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It's Just Another Post

Just another post from this girl. I have been lacking in my posting lately. I just haven't had the drive lately to want to take care of our family blog. Or take care of anything for that matter. You have missed the posts of the kids swim meets. The post about our family camping trip with our good friends, the Jackson's. No pictures of Paul's first triathlon. There are no updates of our trip to Monterey before the kids started school. No first day of school picture. It's not a depression thing. It's not a lazy thing, because I continually get on the computer and check the blog and just don't do anything about it. I am just tired and just trying to take it one day at a time. I wish that I could pinpoint what made me start slacking, just don't know. I've hit a bog and just can't get myself out of it. I do just enough to make me feel like I accomplished something during the day...and that usually is just a single load of laundry. I am hoping that just writing about my current state of mind and body, will get me out of my funk and get me more enthusiastic about getting up, starting my day, and working a little harder at the little things that add up to big things if not taken care of. Here's to hoping that just another post will work into a more productive and easier day for me tomorrow. Hopefully a post about better times tomorrow...and maybe I will find my camera if I am more productive.

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