Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Joys and Pains of Parenting

It has been a rough week in the parenting department and I still have a few days left of the week. In all my weeks as a parent this has been a tough one. I love my children to death. I would run into a burning building to save them. I would do anything for them. They bring me so much joy when there is joy to be had. But this has been the worst week ever. I don't know if it is just the teacher that Cameron has or if it is just Cameron, but this is going to be a long school year.

I was informed by Cameron, on Wednesday, that his teacher would take away his afternoon recess if he continued to go up to the office. Here is some background to the story. Cameron is sensitive. Has been from birth. It is something we have been aware of. The slightest little bump from a kid on the playground sends Cameron into a tizzy. Even his 5 year old cousin knows that he is sensitive and has been known to use that to her advantage, which is slightly funny, only slightly. One of the women from our ward is a yard duty at the school and knows how Cameron reacts and so she gives him a choice to either go up to the office or stay with her for a minute and go back to playing. Somehow his teacher has become aware of Cameron's trips to the office and now she is threatening to take away his afternoon recess.

Then there is the note that was sent home from school today (Thursday). Cameron was playing with his partner during silent reading instead of staying to task. He was warned and when he didn't stop, was asked to pull a card only to go back to his seat and start playing with his friend again and asked to pull another card and go and spend 30 minutes in another class. And all I can think is that my poor son is bored out of his mind in this classroom because he is miles ahead of every other student in his class. I am afraid that my kid is being singled out by this teacher because he reacts differently to situations and the teacher does not like it.

Here is hoping to better parenting next week. Thank goodness for weekends.

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Welcome said...

ok, so, and totally off subject but, i had to share. . . when Boy was in first grade i got multiple phone calls from the principal letting me know how my child was "doing". she even made a surprise home visit and when she came i looked very pregnant, kids runnin' amuck, and the house was less then presentable. that always goes over well. . . one day, Boy wouldn't go to school short of me beating him, so i called and the secretary was sweet enough to come pick him up and take him to school for me. not the same situations as what you're having to deal with but, and, here's the story: one call from the principal told me he was in trouble (again) and that he was going to tell me about it. Boy got on the phone and said he'd kissed a girl on the playground. i couldn't help but smile on my end. "well, do you like her?" "yes." "does she like you?" "yes." "did she let you kiss her?" "yes." "so, what's the problem?" "i didn't ask her and we're not allowed to kiss at school." "oh, well you'll be sure to ask next time huh. you might also wait til you're older so that you don't get sent to the principal's office, aye?" "ok mom." the phone was handed back to the principal and i was given an earfull about kissing on the playground, said thank you for their concern, and hung up the phone, the whole time i was bustin' up with laughter and relief - this was the *least* of my worries.

with the lord, and as the mother with concern and love, you'll figure it out. You've been empowered to. Boy would also have outbursts with other children. teacher once told me that he was just sooo far above the others. . . . ;)