Saturday, September 18, 2010

Changing Things Up

It has been yet another month since I have posted any news on our end and I can honestly say that not much has gone on.

We have been very busy trying to sell our home, which means keeping the house spotless and I mean spotless. Not the easiest thing to do when you have two kids and two cats. As well as pay attention to the rentals in the area so that we can find a home in the area with a great school and more kids in the neighborhood for our kids to play with. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the house will be sold before Christmas so that we can have a really great Christmas with decorations and a tree in a new home. I am not looking forward to the possibilities of having to move during the holidays.

Cameron is doing very well in school when it comes to his work. Which we knew was not going to be his problem, but his meltdowns have started up again and we have a teacher who is not patient in that department. Even threatened him with going to the office if he couldn't control himself. We are in the process of trying out different techniques to combat this problem. Hoping that one of them is going to work.

I finally cut Madeline's hair. I was so tired of the tears every time I had to take a brush to it and make her look presentable. And when I say cut I mean cut. I had the stylist cut her hair to her chin. It is so cute and totally makes her personality shine. Love that girl and her funny little quirks.

I have decided to kind of change up my blog and make it more my journal. I find it easier to journal on here than writing it down in a book. I will still be posting all the family doings as well as journaling.

I am still without a camera for the time being so when I do get a camera I will make sure to post pictures of Madeline's haircut.

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