Friday, September 24, 2010

Laughter...the best medicine

Today was a day of catching up on those duties that I have neglected the past week. Cleaning, laundry, paying bills, you all know what I am talking about. The things we would rather not do. Same goes for me, but they have to be done, and I did them. As well as my duties it is also pizza night. I love pizza night. No dishes and no mess to clean up afterwards. The best night ever.

And what makes it even better are my kids laughter. My kids have the best laughs. It doesn't matter where they are, those laughs put a smile on my face, and Madeline has been particularly giggly tonight. I love it. Makes me feel better about my day. It brings a great end to a mediocre day.

P.S. I am really missing not having a camera around to catch my kids by surprise. They really do some funny stuff when they don't think anyone is watching. I continue to save my pennies for a new one.

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