Sunday, October 10, 2010

A New Tradition...Sunday Baking

I have decided that since there isn't much for me to do to keep my kids occupied on a Sunday I would start to include my kids into some fun and easy baking recipes. They can put in the flour and other dry ingredients and I will take care of the wet ingredients. Not only do they like to help, but I am teaching them to be able to bake when they get older and have families of their own.

I am not one for baking much anymore. Used to love it in college when my roommate and I would spend an entire day making baked goods for boys and delivering them to their apartments. This baking session usually coincided with a dance that my roommate and I were not asked to and wanted to remind certain individuals that they had forgotten about us. It never worked, but I am sure that our goodies were gobbled up quickly.

Today our assignment was cupcakes. Not from scratch mind you. I got a good deal on the boxed mix and we set out to bake, frost and decorate our cupcakes for some Halloween fun. I am still without the ability to photograph our fun times so you will need to imagine my kids on the barstools frosting cupcakes and using way to many sprinkles for the size of their cupcake. Watching Madeline frost her cupcakes and upon finishing with the decorating licking off all the frosting from the said cupcakes. I am not one to eat those kinds of cupcakes. Still it was lots of fun to watch my kids enjoy some baking fun together.

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mmmmmmmm, yes, baking goodies!! =)