Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Best Weekend Ever...Almost

I had one of the best weekends ever. It would have been the best if Paul were able to be there with us, but it was still wonderful. There is always next time.

The day started out great. The kids were easy to get up and get ready. It is amazing what donuts from Mr. T's will do for getting kids going in the morning. We were able to get out the door by 9 am, stopped for donuts, topped off the gas tank and headed to the Oakland Zoo. Met up with my college roommate Ashley and 3 of her 4 kids (her husband and oldest son were missing as well). Walked around, saw lots of animals, and caught up on all the news. I am sure we could have talked a lot more and spent a lot more time together (a lot more). It was so nice to catch up. I needed a weekend like that. It has been too long since we had seen each other last and we only live about an hours drive away. Definitely need to get together more often.

Left the zoo and got home just in time to get to my nieces 5th birthday party. Let the kids get their sugar fix and play in the bounce house.

Left the party, picked up my sister, picked up blankets and sleeping bags at the house, stopped for McDonalds (they are giving away trick or treat buckets for happy meals if anyone is interested in getting some) and ran out to the park in Oakdale for Movie under the stars (How to Train Your Dragon). Only it wasn't under the stars it was under the clouds, but the rain held off until the movie ended. Thank goodness for that. Cameron had his heart set on the movie and the weather cooperated for him. Was so fun to watch them out there cuddled up in their bags watching the movie. Can't wait to do it again when they start it up next May. It is the perfect family activity. Get there early, bring some food and snacks with you, stake your spot and let the kids run wild until dark.

I had so much fun and now it feels like fall outside today. It won't last (the weather). It is supposed to get right back up into the upper 70's and lower 80's, but it ended my weekend on a high note.

Here's to next weekend. How will I ever top this weekend.

P.S. Still no camera, means no pictures. I will one day have photographs. Continue to use your imagination. It will keep you young.

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