Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Another Attempt & Maybe (probably) Fail

I have needed to do this for months.  That's right, update my blog.  I am making yet another attempt to make this an everyday occurrence so that I have a record (journal) that my munchkins can read and learn from and understand the importance of keeping a journal themselves.

I would love to go into great detail about all that has gone on with our family, but you would get bored, I would keep rambling, and there would be page after page of events that have gone on with the Staley Family.

There was Valentines Day, and I don't even remember what happened.  There was Easter, and the kids always get their new Spring duds for Easter Sunday.  Bama played in her first year of softball and improved so much from start to finish. There was swim team, which my Bama (nickname for my daughter) did awesome.  Even surprised her mom and dad with how well she did.  Her brother, on the other hand, had to miss most of the season with a broken nose due to a soccer game at summer school.  Note to all parents out there, the pole always wins and the nose always loses.  The Cameron Man has taken up golf and has really come to fancy it a bit.  There was our wonderful trip to Yellowstone and stay in Big Sky, Montana.  I now understand why Montana is always  referred as Big Sky Country.  Of course we had an end of summer trip to Lake Tahoe as one last hurrah before the start of another school year.  The Mr. and Miss have ranked (moved) up to 5th grade and 2nd grade.   Bama started soccer thanks to our closest friends who needed another player on their team.  She has taken to that as well.  Cameron and Dad got to watch the pro's play @ Pebble Beach and Cameron Man was 100% impressed by the opportunity.  Mom and Bama spent the day @ the Monterey Bay Aquarium to pass the time.  Apparently she loves jellyfish.  I love puffins (they're birds). That about sums up our everything that has apparently happened in our lives (what I can remember at this point).

I will share some photos just so you don't have to read a boring post and not see what we look like now, or how much we've changed.  Not much so you didn't miss out on much.

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