Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hindsight is always 20/20

On Tuesday, my husband met me for lunch at my workplace and we picked up some fast food and headed to his best friends home.  Mainly to see what progress had been made on their home and then to show off the wheels that my husband had powder coated on his truck.  (I am not your typical girl, that doesn't know what that means, I am more of a guys girl.  You'll learn that quickly as I do my best to get this blog running again.)

As we left, and headed back to my workplace, we talked about how nice it would be to be homeowners again and living a completely different lifestyle.  Because of circumstances beyond our control, and some in our control, I have been forced to return to the workforce full time.  It isn't ideal and my husband is actively trying to change that current state, but it is what is working for us right now.

As I pondered more what we had talked about, I came to realize that what is most important to me is my happy and healthy family.  If we had done things differently in the past we would not be where we are right now.  I don't have the house of my dreams.  I don't have the nice new car.  I'm not where I would have pictured myself at this point in my life.  But what I don't have, makes what I do have, that much more important and special to me.  I can't focus on what I don't have.  I can focus on what I do have a celebrate all that is good.

What I do have is a husband who works hard to provide all that he can for his family.  I have a son who impresses me everyday with his mind.  I wish I had half his smarts.  I have a daughter who never ceases to amaze me with how fast she can pick up a sport or activity and become the best that she can with hard work and lots of practice.

It may not be what we pictured in our minds of what our future held for us when we got married years ago, but I don't regret one choice or decision we have ever made in our lives together.  It has taken me a few years to realize this, but it brings me joy and happiness that I can be at
peace with the fact that I am where I need to be right now.

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