Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Being a Mom is the best reward ever!!!

Sometimes being a mom is the best reward you could ask for. Case in point...I have one very sick little boy, who is not so little anymore, and all he wants to do is cuddle with his mom to make him feel better. Next is the little 6 year old who is stalling her bedtime tonight, because she is so excited for the tooth fairy to come tonight. And all I want to do is tell her that she can stay up, but I can't or I will have a cranky 6 year old in the morning. I just can't do that to her very awesome 1st grade teacher.

 Being a mom isn't always the most glamorous...especially when you worked an entire 8 hours only to come home, get dinner on, and then get as much of the housework done that I can before it is my bedtime. But I wouldn't trade any of that. It makes me who I am and my kids make me even more of who I am.

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