Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How does one get it all done???

Today was a whirlwind of a day and I got absolutely nothing done.  There is the kid with the yucky cough who is having a hard day breathing.  The 8 hours I spent at work yet again.  Leave work to get the rent check.  Pick kids up from grandma.  Stop to get dinner because I have no time to make it.  A meeting at 6 pm that I just barely make it to on time.  Home again to get a little girl in the tub, dressed for bed and then up to bed.  Give medication to the sick one.  And I just can't do anymore.  The dishes will have to stay dirty tonight and the floor will not get swept till tomorrow.  I am finding it very hard to want to get any of this done, and I agreed to host a Shelf Reliance party for my sister on Thursday night.  I hope people don't mind that my house isn't 100% taken care of.

Hoping for my second wind tomorrow.  Maybe a good nights rest will take care of that for me.  Good night all, if you have some suggestions to help this mommy out, I am all ears.

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Sonya Berry said...

My advice is just enjoy every minute that you have with your children. I haven't read very many of your blog entries yet, but it sounds like you're a great mother. :)