Thursday, August 11, 2011

Where Did The Summer Go????

This summer vacation was absolutely the shortest. I don't think we had time to breathe, it went fast. So here is the summer wrap up. We had swimming, swimming and more swimming. Can you tell that there was a lot of swimming.

Cameron and Madeline had a great year on swim team, we have the ribbons and heat wins to prove it. Cameron got light years better and I don't know how. He finally learned to dive which took half the year to get. He hates the cold water and complained every chance he got at swim practice about how cold the water was. It doesn't help that summer took it's time getting here. Madeline did marvelous considering she was one of 7 other 4 year olds in the swim league. By the end of the year she had taken so much time off of her strokes. Not enough time to get some heat wins, but she didn't finish last. Can't wait to see what next year holds for these two.
After the swim season there was Madeline's early back Kindergarten. This allows the kids to get a head start on Kindergarten, so they are familiar with the rules and what they need to know. She loved it. She thought she was all that, because she got to go to school and her brother had to stay home. How's that for being a big girl. Didn't even need her mommy to walk her to class every day like some of the other kids in her class. Can you say ready for school. She is.

We had lots of family visit from out of town and it was the best. I wished that I had gotten the camera out so that I could have taken some photos of our way out of town relatives. Hopefully they will travel this way again soon.

No camping trips or vacations taken this summer. Money has been tight , as probably can be said for just about everyone. So we pitched the tent in the backyard, brought out a TV and DVD player and had some popcorn. I kind of think that is the way to camp out. No getting up in the middle of the night to walk down some little dirt path hoping that an animal won't jump out in front of you while heading to the stinky toilets. All I had to do was get up and walk into my house for a clean bathroom break. The next time we camp out I would prefer to not hear the construction going on at 6 am in the morning. That is not the kind of wake up call I was looking for. Hope that your summer was as enjoyable as ours. Now for the start of the new school year. Which means that both kids are off to school so that I am left with afternoons of peace and quiet and ridding our home of so much clutter. At least I hope that is what it means.

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