Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New Year, New Goal...Lets stick with it

I am hoping that my time will be more allotted to write my days happenings on our blog, that I might make sure to reflect each day on the events that transpired.  That I might be able to write more often about the good, the bad, the ugly... and come out and see how I can change and grow and become the better person that I know I can be, I just have to work at it.

I am not a perfect person, mother or wife.  My time is not always spent in ways that don't make me feel guilty when I am done looking at my phone for 3 hours.  I have found that I tend to idle my time away as soon as I walk in the door from work each evening.

I am hoping with the coming year that I can be less idle, I now write my to do list the night before so that I see it on the white board every morning when I get up.  I am hoping that I can be more physically active and more attentive to myself, again less idle.  I am hoping that I can de-clutter my home, get rid of some of the acquired items that just sit and collect dust.  And maybe get my sanity back in the meantime, that I don't overwhelm myself when I look at all the work that needs to be accomplished, when I am so busy that I can't find the time to tidy up.

Some of my goals will continue past the first initial week of this year, and some will fall prey to the failed resolutions bucket.  My hope is, that if I write it down, I might hold myself more accountable to myself.
                                                  This is the reason for my goals for 2014

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