Saturday, November 26, 2011

She's 5. Oh No!!

That's right, my little Madeline, aka Bama, aka Boo, is 5. It's hard to believe that she started out as a tiny little 10 pound baby, but she has grown up into the most interesting little big girl, as I like to call her now. I no longer have little ones at home. She is a full fledged full day Kindergartner. She loves to talk. She loves to be the boss. She is clever and trouble all wrapped up with a cute little bow or flower in her hair. She is a joy and a wonder. You never know what she will say, what she will do, or what interesting look you will get from her. She amazes me every day. She makes my day a little brighter. Always quick to be my helper when it is on her terms.

Her birthday landed on a Saturday, so we had a full day planned for her. It's her 5th birthday, which meant she got to have her very first friend birthday party. They had a blast with the bounce house and all the activities that we had going on. Don't know if it could have been any better for her.

We love this girl more than life itself. She makes our family that much more interesting. She is a joy and a blessing to our family. She is growing up so fast.

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