Sunday, November 07, 2010


I have to admit, I have been a little selfish as of yet, and have forgotten all that I should be thankful for. My lesson for Relief Society really opened my eyes to being more grateful for everything I have, including the trials in our lives. Sometimes I think the inspiration I get from the Spirit is for my good more than it is for the sisters in Relief Society.

I am extremely grateful for my husband and the hard work that he does to keep us safe and protected and keep money in the bank. I don't tell him often enough how truly grateful I am for him.

I am grateful for healthy, happy children. For the moment I have a sick little girl who doesn't get to enjoy the healthy part. No mommy likes to see their kids sick.

I am grateful for umbrellas, especially today. It started to rain today and while Madeline cuddled with her daddy on the couch, Cameron and I opened up our brand new umbrellas and took a walk to the park. He talked and I listened. He talked only about his video games, but that is what is important to him at this moment in time. We had a lovely walk and are going to do it again when the next storm blows through. And Cameron will talk and I will listen.

I am grateful for family who live close and get to enjoy the kids as much as we do, and are so willing to help us out in a bind. Couldn't ask for a better family.

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