Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Beauty and the Crazy End to the Week

I had every intention to post this Sunday after the performance of Beauty and the Beast, but that of course was not to be. Oh how the time slips away and I never finish anything on my to do list. Maybe I make my to do lists to big and daunting. Oh well.

Last week was the week from H... E... double Hockey Sticks... that's right it was.

(Saturday) The birthday party over, Madeline came down with strep. Not a fun illness to watch your little ones deal with.

(Sunday) Next came the run to the after hours nurse for the test to come back positive and 10 days of antibiotics. My lesson in Relief Society...which went really well in my opinion, not that my opinion would matter in this respect.

(Wednesday) There was the Dr.'s visit for both kids to have their well visits with their Dr. DO NOT EVER DO THIS. It was absolutely crazy in the Dr.'s office with two kids in there at the same time. Learned my lesson. Only to have the missionaries come for dinner, which kind of didn't happen until much later due to a zone conference that interfered only to have them come back after an appt.

(Friday) Next was the run back to the Dr.'s for an x-ray for Cameron's thumb that does not bend and has not bent since he was 18 mos. old....this mom is persistent to get something done about it. (He see's the plastic surgeon Wed. to have it looked at. Persistence pays off.) Then there is the lab visit for Madeline where blood and urine was drawn (routine for those going to enter kindergarten next year) only to find out she has a UTI (urinary tract infection) to go along with the strep. Next is the injection clinic, where we waited 45 min. to get 4 immunizations for Madeline. (And she didn't shed one single tear with any of it, my strong baby girl.) Next was the 35 min. jaunt to my work for our annual picture for the paper. A baby shower I couldn't attend because it conflicted with softball.

(Saturday) My sister's baby shower and some fun shopping with the sisters.

(Sunday) The absolute best day of them all. I got to end the week with taking my "Bama" (Madeline) to her very first big time production at our local Theatre. Our birthday present to her was to see "Beauty and the Beast". If any of you mom's have the opportunity to take your families to this production it is worth it. She acted like the most perfect little angel and I got to watch my little girl's eyes sparkle with wonder while she watched. I only wish it would have lasted a little bit longer.

Those days that you don't see listed were the days that I spent at work not worrying about what the next day entailed. Thank goodness I get a break with work.

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