Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sometimes It Only Takes a Wave................ And A Muskrat

From the beginning, Cameron has had a little quirk that is quite interesting. When he gets exceptionally excited both hands curl up into fists, come right up next to his cheeks, and shakes. Hence the muskrat term. It really makes him look like a muskrat.

Today while walking Cameron to school, which is just around the corner, I had to just smile and laugh. I always walk Cameron to the end of the pedestrian walkway and watch him cross the parking lot. Today he stopped and waved, and I stopped and waved, and his little hands ran right up to his cheeks and the muskrat appeared. I walked a little further, turned around to make sure Cameron had made it safely past the construction gate only to find him about 2 feet from his original stopping area waving. I waved back and the muskrat appeared again. Again I walked a little further, turned around, and found Cameron waving again. Again I waved back and the muskrat appeared. This went on two more times before I made it back to the sidewalk and back home again. All I could do was smile. It really made my day that much better today. What a great little guy I have.

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