Sunday, January 17, 2010

Snowboarding...NOT FOR ME

Paul and I headed up to the slopes with some friends for some fun in the powder. It was absolutely perfect for me to be learning to snowboard (for the very first time). I know you all want to know what took me so long to finally try it out. Don't worry, I won't be trying it out again.

I had a great lesson and was doing well on the little hill, and then our instructor said we were ready for the lift and going down the mountain (it is more of a bunny hill, not a mountain, but I would like to exaggerate in this instance) . No more small little hill.
I was up for the challenge, of course, I am always up for the challenge. And then I got off the lift, strapped into the board and looked down the mountain. You have got to be kidding me is all that ran through my mind. I am 33 years old, have two kids at home and she wants me to board down this mountain. Well I tried, and fell face first, tried and fell on my butt, tried and fell on my butt again, and tried one more time and fell again. Only to get back up and hear the instructor say we would take the lift one more time to go down again, and again I repeated my first run down. Upon completion of our second attempt down the hill (hell) she said our lesson was done and we were free to go on our own. As she said that, I am thinking absolutely not. And that is exactly what happened. I took off my board headed into the lodge and waited for Paul and our friends Dennis and Heidi. Upon their return I told Paul he would not need to buy me a board, I would not want to try it again.

Don't get me wrong, I did have fun being up there, just not going down a mountain with both my feet strapped onto a long single board. Had this been 10 years ago I probably wouldn't give us so easily, but that would be 10 years ago, no two kids, and abs that could get me up every time I fell. Not to mention the next morning I felt like a car had hit me. Instead I will be trying my hand at skiing the next time around.

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Rachel said...

I've always been curious about snowboarding. Thank you for your point of view. I think I'll side with you and call it "No Boarding" - and heck, I'll just skip the snow all together. Cold and wet? No thanks!