Saturday, January 02, 2010

New Years

Happy New Year to all of you out there. 2009 was anything but easy, but we have been truly blessed with what we have been given. I have wanted to pull my hair out at times, but who doesn't. Life just keeps going and our family is hanging on for the ride. I am hoping that 2010 will be filled with a few less trials, but if the trials come our way we can take them in stride and learn from them.

New Years Eve was uneventful for us, so you will see no pictures associated with this post. I stayed up with the kids at my parents house, and they stayed up right until the ball dropped and literally crashed as soon as it fell. Paul had to work so I didn't have my honey home with me, can't remember the last time he was off for New Years, but I have grown accustomed that. He works hard and does his best and that is all that I can ask for.

I hope that 2010 brings you all hope and happiness.

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Mommy-A said...

I'm glad you got to spend the evening with family and friends. My New Year's eve was pretty much the same, except my hubby was there for part of it. (He's had to work on New Year's Day for the past several years, and when you've got to be at work by 5am staying up until midnight is not all that appealing. ;o) Happy New Year Tricia!!