Thursday, November 12, 2009

What Do I Want???

This is the question that has been asked the most of me at the moment. With my anniversary in one week, and birthday in one month, and Christmas coming up, I am being asked constantly what I want. While pondering this question I had an epiphany.

For my anniversary I want my husband, all to myself for dinner and a night of holding hands walking down the street, to the car, shopping, whatever it is that we do for our anniversary. No XBOX, no kids, no phone calls, no hassles, just me and my husband having some alone time on a date.

For my birthday, I would like the same thing.

For Christmas, I would like my family to be together enjoying the most absolutely best Christmas in history, where the kids understand the true meaning of Christmas and their eyes twinkle with delight know that their hearts desires might just come true.

And so this is What I Want.

1 comment:

Ashley said...

I hear ya Trish. Nathan keeps asking me what I want and I tell him kids that listen, you can probably guess the response. I hope you get what you want!