Sunday, November 22, 2009

First Haircut

The time had come that Madeline really needed a haircut. I was tired of the tears when it came time to brush and comb out all of the tangles. So I bribed her with a large piece of cake to get her haircut. And I mean a large piece of cake. (If only it was that easy all the time) She was all for the cake and the haircut.

We went to a small little place and walked right in to get her haircut. Thank goodness it wasn't busy or Madeline may have thrown a fit. She was so good. She climbed up into the chair and sat so still while the stylist cut and brushed her hair. We didn't cut a whole lot off. Just enough to make it easier on mommy to get the tangles out.

Now I have a cute little girl with a cute little haircut.

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