Sunday, October 04, 2009


It is late Sunday night and I am staying up trying to wait for my husband to walk through the door. The little ones are bundled up in their beds sleeping the night away and so the house is quiet. I am up all alone waiting for my Prince Charming. I just need that pick me up, that little cuddle, that kiss good night, that hug that makes everything all better, the smile that makes me feel so secure in myself.

The swing shift/cover shift is a lonely one for the wife. I am in bed before he comes home and out the door before he wakes up. He is out the door before I get home some days and so the cycle continues. So I sit in front of the computer listening to my music, typing the night away hoping he walks in the door as soon as he can. Making me smile and making me remember everything I miss about him when he isn't around.

I love him and miss him and so I continue to wait, hoping he knows how much he means to me, and hoping that he is hoping that I am still up when he gets home.


Kishu said...

Tooooo lovely post.. wonderful alchemy of words with sprouting love and actions..

Kishu said...

by d way.. California reminds me of Californication...

I have seen english movies only on HBO.. my favourites are- Forrest Gump,If Only, A walk to remember, A lot like love, Life is beautiful,Sweet November and Walk in Clouds, V for Vendetta, Butterfly Effect, Requiem of a dream.. etc..
you must know some of the.. ha ha...

I don't know more than a dime about places in US.. just hear them in songs or movies..
I am Siddhartha from India.. I know ! I know..I gave intro last.
I am a law student ma'am.
I compose diaries and poetry and want you to see them.. okay !
By the way, sometime you visit India with your lovely family..
take care,
I have Banking law class right now.
gottttttaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa go...