Sunday, August 09, 2009

A Lost Tooth

Cameron has finally lost his first tooth. It has been a long time coming. We (mainly the dentist) were getting worried when his back molars were coming in and there was no sign of him losing his front teeth. I was afraid that some teeth pulling were going to have to happen at his next dentist appointment in October, but the hands that be made it possible for Cameron to lose his tooth while swimming in a swimming pool at a BBQ on Saturday Night. He just opened his mouth and out it popped down into the depths of the deep end of the swimming pool. Thank goodness for little girls with goggles who swam down and found the little culprit. It allowed Cameron his first visit from the tooth fairy with a crisp dollar bill under his pillow, which he informed me of at 7:30 in the morning. Now on to the next loose tooth.

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Ashley said...

Yeah for Cameron! That is amazing someone would be able to find that at the bottom of a pool!