Thursday, July 09, 2009

Camping Trip/4th of July

This should have been the post where I write how much fun we had in Monterey at the MotoGP Race, but alas, we were not able to attend the races this year. Instead we tivoed the races and headed up to the Sierras to Lake Alpine, about 7500 ft, for our very first camping trip.
Paul headed up a day early to get the perfect campsite and we headed up on Thursday to join him. It was a perfect campsite. It wasn't too far from the lake and easy access to the bathroom for a little two year old with a very small bladder (I spent a lot of time running her to the bathroom too). Thursday was spent getting everything and everyone situated before we lost the light of day. Friday we had a lot of fun. We set out for a short little hike around the lake. It is a beautiful lake. We hiked back to the campsite and Paul set out on a short 4-wheeling trip in his Jeep. I stuck around the campsite with the kids and read while they took naps. Saturday (4th of July) was a blast. We headed out for some fun 4-wheeling with the kiddos along this time. It was a lot of fun. Got back from 4-wheeling and headed for a swim in the lake. The lake was cold and busy so we didn't stick around for long. Paul's mom agreed to watch the kiddos for us while we (Paul, myself and his step-dad) took another 4-wheeling adventure along Slick Rock Road. It was so awesome. It was definitely a good idea the we left the kids behind. It was a rough ride, but so much fun. We broke camp Sunday and headed home to the very hot valley. Wished we could have stayed longer, but unfortunately work calls and we have to have money to head out on the next camping trip.

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