Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Little Fish

Paul and I have been trying our darndest to find a sport that is just right for Cameron. He loves soccer, but hasn't gotten the coordination down to be able to keep up with the kids in his age group. Same goes for baseball. The kid loves to go to baseball games, but when it comes to playing he just looks silly trying to throw the ball and hit. So instead of him being humiliated and laughed at, we were at a loss for what to do for him. Then came the World Swimming Championships. Thank you USA Swimming.

I sat down to watch the last day of the competition and Cameron happened to come in and watched with me. After it was all done he asked if they really do that. Apparently he doesn't think anything is real on TV, which this mom is grateful for, back to the competition. I said they do and he asked if he could do that. Sure, why not. He loves to be in the water, we just had to find him a team, a team that would be patient with him and help him learn the strokes. He has had swimming lessons, but hadn't reached the level where they go over the strokes. We got lucky when we found the Modesto Sharks team that as long as they can front crawl across 25 yards and aren't afraid of the water they will take them. Woo Hoo. So Cameron has taken to the water really well and is loving every minute. Fingers crossed that this is what he wants to continue to do. This mom would spend any amount to make sure this kid has something that he is good at and passionate about doing. And I think swimming is what it's going to be.

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