Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cameron My Cuddle Bug

My little guy Cameron has always been the cuddler. From the day he was born he was that baby that never wanted to be put down. That boy would cry and cry until you picked him back up and held him in your arms. He never slept in his own bed and even to this day he still climbs his way into the bed late at night.

Every night my Cameron Man, as I like to call him, asks if I can cuddle him. I used to think it was because he is scared to go to sleep alone. Many a night I will tell him no and that he needs to learn to go to sleep on his own. He will run into his room climb his little body into bed and pout a little.

Tonight was the same schedule as it usually is. Paul leaves for work around 8 pm. Cameron gets ready for bed, brushes his teeth, and between 8:30/9:00 he is ready for his bedtime. Tonight was just like the others, Cameron asks if I can cuddle. I begrudgingly agree that I will cuddle with him for one primary song (childrens church song for those that follow my blog and don't know what that is). As I was kneeling next to him, rubbing my nose on his cheek, I realized how lucky I am to have my little boy want to spend some cuddle time with his mom. This will not always be the case. He will get older and busier and not want his mom to come and kneel by him or lay next to him for that matter. So I realized that I need to cherish my cuddle time with my cuddle bug and do it way more often than I have. It may mean the dishes have to wait for the morning or the laundry wait to be folded, but I will have those cherished small moments with my son forever.

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Adam Archibald Family said...

Thanks for the reminder. Bedtime is defininately my worst time.