Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Weekend Away

It has become a tradition with Paul and I that we take off to Monterey, CA for the annual MotoGP races at Laguna Seca. This is also one of Paul's birthday presents since the races always fall on his birthday weekend. This was our third year going and we had a lot of fun this year.

The first year was unbearable considering I was 6 months pregnant with Madeline and they had a horrible heat spell in Monterey that year. Not to mention the 3 hour wait for the shuttle bus to return to our cars and the 6 hour drive from Monterey because of the traffic.

The second year was much better, but still a little warm for Monterey standards.

This year was by far the best (except a little chilly). It never got above 70 degrees while we were there. The race was absolutely exciting this year. The rider we wanted to win (Nicky Hayden) finished fifth, but it was exciting from beginning until the 30th lap of 32 laps. Casey Stoner dropped his bike, picked it back up and still finished in second because of the lead he an Valentino Rossi (finished 1st) had over the rest of the field.

The video is of the start of the race from our grandstand seats at turn 4.

Anyone who is interested in coming and hanging out with us next year is more than welcome. We will get you addicted to motorcycle racing. The sound those bikes make are awesome.

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