Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dad is Home

My dad has finally been released from the hospital and is now recovering at home. The Dr. says it will be about six weeks before he can do anything strenuous. Mainly can only do limited amount of walking and no driving right now. I think he is going to drive everyone crazy. My dad has never been one to like being sick. He becomes like a little kid when he is sick. I think that is a man thing. Anyway, they are still sending nurses in to check his vitals. While in the hospital his kidneys began to shut down and his potassium levels were way too low. The kidneys are doing alright, but his potassium levels are still low, hence the nurses coming to my parents house to check on him. It is nice to have him home. Hopefully he will get back to his old teasing self soon.

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Larry & Erica Evans said...

I am so glad he's home now! Maddie always makes sure we pray for him at night!