Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Does busy ever stop!!!!

I really have been slacking with my postings lately. I have been extremely busy since the beginning of the year. My new years resolution was to be productive. That has meant that I am trying to keep up on the housework and get better organinzed. Hence I have had less time to blog, but nothing really exciting has happened with the family lately so I have not felt the need to post. Here are some recent photos that have been taken at various times so that you may all see how much the kids have grown (which really isn't that much, just their hair, hahaha).

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Matheson's said...

I really don't think it does! I've finally been able to THINK & BREATHE a little now that both kids go down for the night at the same time and sleep all night. Your kids are too cute! Bowling- so fun and bathroom tissue- I know how that goes :) We have advanced to the paper towels strung ALL over the house like a path- Kendel thinks it's so funny.