Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ghosts of Ricks College Past

I thought that since it has been ten years since I graced the Ricks College Campus (I did not know it as BYU Idaho) that I would post some of my old pics of the fun times that I and all of the roommates I had the pleasure of living with. How the time flies. All I can say is that I cannot believe that we did some of the things that we did, but they make for some really great memories. All we need now is to get together to relive some of those moments and make some new ones. I really have missed Riviera # 17 and those that we became friends with living next door to us. I hope that these pics remind you all that life only got better after we moved from lucky # 17. I miss all of you so much and look forward to hearing from you all. Our families are always growing, time is always passing us by, and we are always making some great new friends, but the old ones are always dear to our hearts. I hope these pics bring a smile and a giggle, they did for me.


Matheson's said...

WHAT! So funny Trich! I am totally posting some too. I miss you too!
Riv 17 ROCKED- even though I only had you as my roommate for one semester (right?) - I still loved every minute! Even our scary drive to SLC sliding off the road when you came to visit. Ohhhh- good times! Every Tigger I see I think of you :)

Adam Archibald Family said...

Holy Cow!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Man those were great times. I've always said if I could pick a time to go back to it would be good ole Riviera #17. We did some crazy stuff, but we had a blast and made some lasting memories and forever friends!!! Thanks for the laugh! (I think the chicken alarm in the guys apartment is still one of my favorites. He He He - do you still have that stinkin thing?)